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dear anamia

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment."

.hate/love this.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

revenge is sweeter than u ever were

im depressed with all da exam stuff
its not easy. no wonder some ppl just gave up their study
but i love my future, parents who gave everyting
n i love my body

so few weeks on focusing,
im eating but restrict.
n im taking all my housemates n friends bad talk
their madness. envyness. 'busybody'ness. haha
i hide in my room when they eat
n when i eat with them im taking longer time in toilet after that
mia is closer than me in dis period stage
but i need you ana

i dun feel great.
when i see da num increased
but a smile is back
cos i just saw my GW is on da scale
i love u scale.
i can see my collarbone, my hipbone is appearing
but i really need a thigh gap. n a smaller face. *mybe plastic surgery?. haha*

i know i can do this. i know we all can.

u all keep inspire me.
especially ryte now there r many anamia tumblr.

n i love it. thanks ppl.
so lets start a new GW.

n dun forget 2 wish me luck. im still having my exam.


determined girl said...

Oh, love, thank you so much for your gorgeous comment, it really means a lot to me that someone looks at my little blog and likes it! Please, don't stress yourself out-- Robert Frost once said that "the best way out is always through". You'll manage everything, you're strong and I believe in you. Good luck on your exam, I'll be thinking of you. Difficult weeks are lying ahead of us, but we can do it, alright?

Lots of love,


Ruby LoveBird said...

yay your baaaack.
i'm so glad you met your goal weight. i'm so proud of you and totally jealous.