~flows into ur mind~

dear anamia

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment."

.hate/love this.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

where am i

i am new
its been so long

but now
i am half dead
should i go back 2 the old times?
where i feel just free
toilet bowl, bunch of foods with me

somebody said i am fat .stupid.

all this things
gonna trigger me back
i want 2 feel free
like i use 2 be?? oh help me
i don't feel such a reality

Sunday, May 15, 2011

da issue dat u will never understand

look at me now

i purge again today
when im alone at home
im so down depressed
by them
they who always badmouth me
what im doing
what i eat
i dun get it
why shud they care
i know how to take care of myself
what i do is never been their business
i am annoyed.i truly am.

n my system
i am happy how i start not 2 b more triggered by food
i lose my appetite
i can have control

dear self, please hold on
watever may comes, fight till the end
cos i am thiny me.dats wat im reaching for n gonna b.
i can do this. u all also can.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

where do i start

lets go, me n u :)


hello all darls.. anamia girls..
OMG. yea, im back.
sorry for all da M.I.A-missing in action things..

u know wats wrong wif all da world nowadays.

ive got involved wif da revolution riot things,

not dat i took part in it, but da place where im studying is..

then ive been sent back 2 my hometown 4 about 2 3 months..

thnk god im safe.

n now i am back,

honestly damn truly, ive been thinking about u all.
n yup, i miss mia n ana. i gain weight again,
last nyte, i can't really study.

im thinking why did i lose my grip when i can control things??
i just want a perfect body, a perfect soul.

maybe i shud take down the weight chart above,
n hell yeah, gonna change all
da background, da music, well u know,

i shud not give up. i can start again.

a new page.
where da rest is still unwritten.

again,i miss u.i really am.*seems annoying huh.lol*
-always. gottabsomebody <3-