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dear anamia

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment."

.hate/love this.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

never good enough

ya, i love this song. i am proud of me.
i believe, i shud not listen 2 others.i shud listen 2 me.

while writing this, i am eating vegie..
just small amount..
due to my headache..
n ive got test at class today, n yay, i can't answer it.

damn shit.

but on da bright side,
im starting my restrict last week..
em, restrict almost to fasting..
n last thursday, ive got huge headache, throw up a lot of liquid.

yup, my housemates once again making dat as A BIG DEAL that i must face..
they keep asking about my eating..
lately they ask ALOT..
they try to control me..
but sory, i want to have a perfect body, so here im da one who's having control..

its become easier since my roomate had moved out..

i can lock myself in the room, exercise and faking eat anytime i want..

n the great is, still rmber dat when i get back here, i gained weight..
its 54kg actually..
now due to the restrict, im back to 51kg..
im loving this.i can feel my collarbone. now waiting for my hipbone 2 appear. friends, who i loved, i need u..
please add me at ur twitter, so we can keep in touch..
n to anyone who's got any idea about supplements,protein shake or energy drink,
please let me know!

cos im searching for it now..

n 2 ana buddies, love ya.keep strong.

we may not be gud enough, but we are thinning 2 perfection.


Sam said...

I love the song and congrats for getting down to 51kg

Ruby LoveBird said...

hey babe, i only have blogger. but i'm going to open a twitter acc tonigt k?
what day of abc are you on?
zopiclon is a prescribed sleeping pill, that pill that heath ledger died from.
congratulations on your light weight