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dear anamia

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment."

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

here we go again

i dun wanna regret cos i know dat world mean useless
sorry, for all dis time long dat i haven't write..

after da last post, all da struggling with final xam.

i went back home to far far away land..

n fullstop.we all know wat happened when it got to do with family.

when im not eating, mummy urge me 2..
cos when i got back, she said i looked skinny..

but now, ****, when i got back here, ppl said i look chubby..

yeah, for about 2 months, i gained mybe 2kgs??or 4kgs??

i really dun wanna c da number. cos it hurts me..

n here we start a new college life,
me n housemates..
then, im starting dis week..

im not sponsoring part of my money 2 da ous fund,
n i said i don wanna eat for dis week..
sudden, all my housmie bcame so damn bizzared bout dis..
y they have 2 care about it?? i know how 2 look after my own body..
i really dun get it..

just, im trying my best 2 get back 2 me..

n we'll see... that i am me..
i just missed u all ladies!!!

miss u very much...ana...


Because I love who I can become said...

hey hunni. Glad your back. Guess I am not the only one returning. i LOVE the whole graph thing. Such a visual way yo see things. I may be doing it myself!!

Its always hard going to family/home. But the easiest thing is to let it be when your there since there is not much you can do except try to control the amount at least, then when you get back through yourself into the deep end and lose what you have gained.

I happen to still live at home so its easier since I am here all the time so they are less worried about me. When you live away and visit they want to smother you, so its part of the package. I will face it in 2 years when I move out.

good luck, and remember were all here for you.

Ruby LoveBird said...

hey you,
love to be abc buddy, finishing fast tonight and starting abc tomorrow . xxxxx