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dear anamia

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment."

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


yea damn
damn n damn

here comes da feast. one week holiday.
ive got my good friend came from other town
n u know wat happened, we kept hanging out
n she took control of me. she took control of wat came into my body.

n i damn hate me.
i gained weight again, to 53kg..
ive kept thinking, ive been hold on for so long,
y am i so stupid..

blahhh...**** off...
ive got new buddy at twitter..
tomorrow, 19th -26th, im gonna start the 'thanksgiving fasting'..
lets see wat will hppen..

gonna b hiatus..cos ive got midterm coming...
doodles to all!! n keep on fighting!!


Laura said...

HEY!! I miss u too!! I miss allll of u. pretty much my summer involved doctor appointments and gaining as much weight back as should. I only hit a bmi of 19 but it was enough for the docs. of course I'm relapsed and I'm trying to lose it all again. I wish I could come back to blogger but my boyfriend blocked the site from my computer so I can't get on. I am on tumblr now with the same sort if blog. I hope tht everyone is doing well. u have lost a lot congrats!!! I think about u all daily. tell everyone tht laura from drow the scale says hello and tht I miss thn. keep up the good work. love Laura <3

gottabsomebody said...

so u must b xtra careful then hunny..
wats ur tumblr address??
n dun u have a twitter??
it's easy 2 twitt even from fon..
n yea, miss u 2..

Laura said...
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