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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


its been such along2 time i didn't write..
hoow i reallllly miss all da anas n mias buddies...

so ive got stuck into such a uni conflict..
dat makes me stuck...n travel mostly all da time 2 sttle up da probs...
i travelled n yup i ate..
how ppl will get suicide if they get into my probs..
how u're totally far awy from ur family n need 2 sttle up all da stud illegal issue all by urself..
n ppl really love 2 take others money ryte??
huh...so tired of talkin bout such stupid stuff...

da great news is,
i transfer 2 a great uni...n really starting such a fresh a engine in my study...
n i rented a new big house..n i just got internet...!!!
so 2 my lovely buddies. i'll contct u soon...

n bout my body issue...
here's da thing...i travelled n ate n i got dis huge distract
n i gained weight...55.7kg...sucks isn't it???

then ive been fasting 4 bout 10 days...
eat low cals..but still i just lost till 53.5kg..
im hepy,but my trget is 50 n im not even close...
hurm, so starting yesterday,
i try da non solid fast...
just soup n drinks...wish me luck gurls..
n i MISS u all so muchhhh ;****
(got stuck with studies makes me eat less n if i can, i'll try 2 update k???
next week got quiz!!! ;O...bubye)

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Laura said...

i was thinking about you just today saying "where is this girl?!?" im glad your back!! =] youll lose the weight and 10days of fasting?? NICE!!