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Friday, February 19, 2010

my sore throat OR my soul??

kinda happy 2day..
but lets go straight..
now, 1.00am, i slept at 10.45pm n i woke up back..
need 2 study,study n study!

but all day long,
all i ate is just- tea, a bar of chocolate, banana, n a veggie soup in just a small amount..
i feel great!! i did it...

i can control my huge attractiveness 2 food! thnks 2 thinspiration..hehe

but, part of da main issue dat i dun wanna eat is my sore throat..
is it?? i feel dumnness in my tastebud..
but great, cos i can feel a little thiny me has appeared..

my roomate mentioned dat i look a lil higher n skinny..
lol ;p
nahhh~ just her way 2 jokin' around..

cos she used 2 said i have dis double chin under my chubby face da day b4..haha

so, no more chatterin' around...
books r waitin'.. no matter wut, i think i want 2 start fastin' 2morrow.. but i'll eat somethin' 2nyte..MAYBE

so, buddies~ stay on focus. study n weight. juz .gottabsomebody.

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