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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[MNF 1] to four

so here it goes..
feel glad having frens like u all.. thanks 4 da support..
now im having a new spirit...
feels so weird not updatin da blog since my internet connection is sucks...lol ;P
n now im using my friend's internet...
but no worries, she won't know anytin...
so, i restart my MNF..i know its 2 late, but better late than never ryte?? haha
yesterday, ive got dis huge stomache dat i thought it will go away by eating, but i was wrong...
da stomache bcame worse till nyte..
i restart da MNF today... i will called it MNF 1 to 4- *four stand for da official MNF..see, im left behind!!*
i will try not 2 give up..2gether we try 2 b strong...
i woke up, then we go 2 class...
but just for 1 hour...then me n my friends went 2 dis restaurant..
they ordered bread dat is really large..each time they offered me, i said im havin' stomache *now i know da tricks really works..lol ;)*
i just ordered some desserts dat is like a juice, * i dunno how 2 describe it, but for sure, its not a solid food..yay again..*
then, went back home, i slept cos im tired..n still had da stomache even after taking meds...
i bought a new green tea mint..i wonder how it feel n smell...hehe
now da days had turn into nyte, i know i can do dis..
n so do u... if u ever wanna give up, remember...
everyday dat i succeed, i get 1 day closer 2 my goal...
fill up ur time by pilates, yoga, talking with ur frens...or mybe some homeworks *though i know we're 2 lazy 4 dat*..haha
s0, all da best fellas.love u all

1 comment:

Madison said...

Hey thanks for the comment :)
Don't worry about messing up, you can start again and we're here to support you :)

Yeah periods suck :( It makes me feel so fat!!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, stay strong sweety!!