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Sunday, April 18, 2010

[MNF 5] to eight

..day 5..
i make up reasons again today
since i lost my mobile, i used reasons of having no money 2 eat
bcos i had used da money 2 buy a new simcard...
dat's wat i said after me n all my friends went eat at a restaurant after we went back from exam today...

i just ordered a drink-a juice dat i never ever try before..lol ;p

n exam?? yeah..im so dissapointed in myself.. cos i dun study hard as i shoul
d to..
i dun want to repeat being da same loser person again.. wat is happening 2 me??? omg... n till nyte, yeah..i dun eat at all... n im starving...n i start 2 feel hungry.. but its ok..lets try our best...i'll make some tea afterwards.. n mybe some pilates since da utube connection is ok...

i think i've changed..i dunno whether im becoming a better or wo
rse person...
i reject food so easily dis few days.. n each time i look at any food, i kept looking at how much cals per serving does it cost...n study, yup, not at all..im becoming more lazy..my life is like so damn meaningless..
no2..i must set my mind, if i keep making my life buzy, i can starve happily..
n one of da thing dat can make me buzy is study...oh me n myself...pleaseee...

* now, i miss my family so much..just wanna go home ...oh myyyy * *but before dat, i need 2 be somebody pretty thin..*

1 comment:

Gripsoul said...

Thank you so much for supporting, it makes me feel less alone...
Starting tomorrow, I won't eat until May 1st for sure. No excuses. Let's be strong together! I know we can do it!