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Monday, April 12, 2010


here it goes...da almost perfect MNF 2nd day..

woke up at noon...
again, i skipped class...lol ;)
but not bcause of da day, just bcause me n other friends got some unsettled stuff with the uni, so we're 2 lazy to go to class...

so, here it goes..
my housemate decided 2 cook 'chicken rice' 2day, so i did get away by telling her dat ive got other plan 2 go out..ate with my other buddies..
then, everyting did go well..
i ate notin, except just drink some water..n juice..
when it comes 2 nyte, my housemate decided 2 postponed da 'chicken rice' plan 2 tomorrow..
n in my head i was like 'wat a crap..omg..plan2, please come...'
n i was blank..cos 2morrow is holiday 4 us, how do i want 2 escape without staying home???

at nyte, yeah..went out with my buddies..
i ordered sweet corn blended juice n my buddy ordered borio blended juice n fried rice..
then here we go..we kept talking n talking...
so sudden she tried 2 feed me n i refuse..many times..
then, she said 2 me so loudly, 'hey dear, u're already thin enough ok..u look like u had lose some weight since da last time i saw u..u look kinda skinny..'
n in my head,'yeah ryte, lol..thin,skinny..nahhh??'
she said again, 'plis eat 4 me...its 4 my birthday.. just few spoons, PLEASE'
then u know wat happened next...

i rush home..n made dis laxative indicated herbal tea...
n all of wat she feed me did came out from my body...
feel glad~ but SCREW ME..i ruined my MNF

im a loser am i??? how about 2morrow?? how about da 'chicken' plan??
now im left out..if i start back da day after 2morow..i'll be late n such a failure ryte??
still i did weight before i went out with my buddy..
n i lose 1kg..only 1kg..i just dun get it..



If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them said...

It's okay that you ate! Just restart the next day! Try to come up with more excuses to avoid eating.

It is important to just simply not give up!

determined girl said...

Oh, don't you worry! And you're no loser, hun, just restart the fast tomorrow. Stay strong, stay determined. We can do this, we'll be beautifully thin. Just keep that in mind.