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Saturday, April 17, 2010

[MNF 4] to seven

ouh yeah...
im not gud..cos i haven't been updatin..
wat can i say is, its been 3 days i have no internet connection at my home..

now it pop out back 4 our MNF update..
*its my update actually*
ok,last frid,*i mean yesterday*,
me n my housemates had went jogging n exercised around da stadium at our uni..
da best part is we climb up tru da closed gate into da track field...*legally n forbidden ;p*

n for da 1st time, i feel light...haha
how many laps did i jogged??? sorry, uncountable..lol

then we go n have a drink..

n till today, i lie if i haven't eat anytin..
but i eat just a little, bcos my housemate fed me...

they're did notice my change behaviour about food lately..

n last thurs, i had lost one of my fav belongings.. i cried out loud..im so sad..n my housemates were so worried.. i dun wanna eat, but they tried hard 2 make me hepy n fed me.. but no worries, just a little..n im pretty sure all da pilates,yoga n other exercises had help me 2 burn out all da cals...

n i will try not 2 eat anytin start 2morrow..

even today i just had a tea n mirinda apple in da morning..
*dat mirinda i drink in wish dat it will make me hepy after i didn't find my lost belongings n trying 2 accept da fact dat it's lost ;(...*
then tonight maybe coffee cos i wanna stay up for study..;)

just drinks..n btw, i had weighed again last thurs..
i had changed my weight chart..hehe
i thought of buying a weight scale, but here is totally xpensive compared 2 my country..
still, hope all of u r doing great!!!

no matter wat, life needs 2 go on..
we have 2 move on..i dunno how 2 live without my belonging dat i love so much...n now i lost it..

at least i still can breathe.. i shud appreciate dat..
n never give up- wish me luck 4 my xam 2morrow-. ;)

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