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dear anamia

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment."

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

stupid mood swing

dat gurl is prettythin. i wanna b like her. but..i am no close 2 her.y can't i??
im talking alone.
whispering to myself.

i had dis thought, i wanna flip my body like i used 2 when i was a child.

y can't i do it now??

mybe bcause my fat is so big n makes my body bcome heavy 2 be lift up??

i won't lie anymore. yup, i eat too much today.
like a cow. n i hate myself for doing so.
i hate myself so much. i miss my family so much.
but i decided, i told my housemates that im not gonna tribute money for cooking.
cos i dun wanna eat anymore. mybe just a lil.
n my reason is money. n yup, they said ok.

so wat myself?? all now depends on u.
can't u realize dis?? u stupid fat. please.
so, i won't write. till im satisfied.
so sorry MNF.
im out.
i will start counting by my own self.

i'll write when im fasting.

im so dissapointed in my own self.

just sorry. just want 2 b prettythin. like her.so i'll start again all by myself.


Laur said...

please don't be disheartened. if we keep working we'll get there. think thin. xoxxx

Laur said...

p.s. it's aerobics, circuits and boxing all in one

Rezzie said...
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Rezzie said...

Im 1m60, which is about 5'3"

Where are you frm btw ?
And sure, we will be friends, and we will do this together, we will become beautifully thin :)